Charles F. Downey
January 8, 1962 - July 25, 2005
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Gerry DeHaven left a message on August 12, 2006:
Tom Dolan just told me the news and I�m truly sorry I didn�t have the chance to pay my respects in person. Charlie was one of the first people I met at Marist. Just about 25 years ago I got off the 5th floor elevator at Leo Hall feeling pretty good about being away at school and Charlie was standing there with a lacrosse stick and an unlit Newport dangling from his mouth. He looked me up and down with his fierce blue eyes and said "are you sure you're old enough to be here?� After assuring him I was, he wanted to know my sport. I remember thinking that this guy was pretty intense and I better come up with a good answer. When lacrosse was not my answer, he shook his head and said "we're gonna have to work on that" and introduced himself. He and I became part of that 5th floor fraternity that spent a lot of time together over the next 4 years. I will always remember him as genuine guy that spoke his mind, had wicked sense of humor with a great laugh I can still hear, was as competitive as he was funny; always interested and curious about all types of people, and someone friends could always count on. I can�t imagine the pain you and your family are going through but hope that the positive energetic spirit I remember you to be helps get you and your kids through this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Charlie, your kids, and the rest of your extended family. Sincerely Gerry DeHaven
Deborah Hyer-Maniaci left a message on August 10, 2006:
Dear Peggy and family, Steven and I just heard the news from Brent Mesick. We are so very sorry for your loss. There aren't words adequate enough to express how unfair life can be. Of course it�s way too soon for this to happen. From reading the other messages, it sounds like you have a lot of people around you who love you and are there for you and your children. And it sounds like Charlie had a good and happy life. As adults we learn that we can�t take anything for granted and we don�t know what life is going to throw at us. Some things are beyond our control. I know this is a very, very hard time for you. Try to stay strong and hold your children close and remember the happy times. God bless you, Charlie and your family always. Deborah (Hyer) and Steven Maniaci
Brent Mesick left a message on August 3, 2006:
Somewhere there is a VHS tape of Charlie, Mike Hayden, Mike Oliva and myself decked out in brown shoe polish and dressed as The Four Tops @ the 1984 Marist Air Band contest. I wish that I could watch it now. What a hoot! In my mind Charlie was just about the coolest cat at Marist. He had a certain style. A Savior Faire. I always looked up to Charlie and was so pleased to hear that he had done such big things after school. I remember chatting with Peggy at the 20th reunion last October and of course, asking where Charlie was. We chuckled because Charlie stayed home with the kids but she assured me that I would see him at the 25th. The news about Charlie last week broke my heart. Shattered. Peggy, my prayers are with you and your family. God must have needed help with his Lacrosse team. Brent Mesick
John Dunlay left a message on July 29, 2006:
Dear Peggy, I am not sure if you remember me from Marist College. I lived on the 5th floor of Leo Hall along with Charlie ( I am friends with Mike Oliva and Brian Foley...the tall one who played guitar ). Anyway, I was saddened to hear the news about Charlie. He was such a great guy and alot of fun to be with. Although I was only at Marist a 1 1/2 years, I still cherish the times we all had together living in Leo. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Richard LaForce left a message on July 28, 2006:
Dear Peggy and Family, My deepest sympathy's go out to you all. When I heard the news it seemed unbelievable, too too soon and unfair to you, and all who know Charlie. Hang tough Peg, you've got special friends around you and they'll be there for you now. You, Charlie and your kids are in my prayers.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
mike oliva left a message on July 27, 2006:
This is just too sad and painful to put into words. So many memories have come flowing back since hearing this awful news. Charley you were the one guy at Marist that would give anyone you cared about the shirt off your back. I am glad that we got to see each a couple of times when I worked downtown several years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with Peggy,Megan,Samantha,Michael and Kevin.God Bless you always Charley.
Janet C. Mahon (Cort) left a message on July 27, 2006:
To Peggy, Your Children and the Entire Downey Family - May you find comfort in the company of your family which I know has remained very close over the years, a rarity in today's society. I last saw Charlie in March of this year at a football game at Holmdel H.S. where Dillon (my grandson) was playing. There was a ceremony of some kind wherein the fathers (and Charlie was one of them) were asked to go onto the field and each received a white carnation. As we all left at the end of the game, Charlie was in our group, and I had a chance to say hello and ask how he was (not having seen him since before 9/11). He indicated "OK" and, with that, handed me the white carnation. I remember thanking him for this surprise kindly gift, for which he gave no reason. We looked into each other's eyes and I could tell it had some special meaning for him and I have carried that memory with me since, and will carry it always. Love and blessings, Janet Mahon
Jim Rea left a message on July 27, 2006:
Charley was always one of the most generous people I know. I was always proud to be his friend and certainly didn't mind it when he told people that we were cousins at Marist College, even if it wasn't really true. I'm so glad that I got to see him recently and I will miss him dearly. God Bless Charley and his family.
Joseph Kelly left a message on July 27, 2006:
Just a few words about Charlie as I knew him and my continued memories of him......I was picturing Charlie in my mind last night remembering him as if it was yesterday and not over 20 years ago at college. First of all he was always trying to sell me on the sport of Lacrosse, saying things like its players are tougher, the game is faster etc. than football. I never really saw the game before college and I could'nt believe you could hit the other guy with stick until Charlie chased me through the house we had rented together hollering "your mine Kelly Oh yea your mine" as I got whacked a few times. Having said that, It brought to mind my fascination at his intensity. He always seemed to have a fierce energy and excitement in everything he or we did. It reminds me of my children and their 24/7 mode. You could almost feel it through those blue eyes of his. Charlie was always a giver. Not only was he unselfish but he also had a sense of knowing you were in a jam or needed help and would immediately offer his assistance. I personally experienced this as Charlie helped me during a trying time. I also remember him as a friend who would not let an opportunity go by that involved "breaking the chops" of another friend as all of us did back then and may still do today. Although I did not get to see Charlie much after college nor see him with his family, all of the above made for a good dad and husband I am sure! Charlie had an eagerness for life and I bet he would say "hey I had more fun and quality moments in my life than someone twice my age" Thats how I will remember "Chuck" as I referred to him jokingly from time to time and so should we all. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife Peggy and his children Megan, Samantha, Michael and Kevin and his sister and brother -in-law Rich and Joanie Wetzler. My only regret is that I am unable to see my friend and wish him well on his journey. Joe Kelly
The Alberto Family left a message on July 27, 2006:
Dear Peggy, Samantha, Megan, Michael & Kevin: We cannot express our deepest sympathy to each and every one of you enough over the passing of your loving husband and father, Charlie. I think I speak for many when I say times like this really hits home. It is clear when I read the guestbook excerpts that Charlie touched the lives of many in such a positive way. I will always remember one particular time at Marist when Charlie approached me prior to officially dating Peg and said he was �in love with one of my roommates�. There was no question in my mind who that equally special person was. Peg: Short of sounding like a broken record, Jack and I are always here for you and your children at the drop of a hat. We consider you an extension of our own family and would do anything for you. God Bless You, Charlie and know that your beautiful wife and children are loved and supported by many---always. Love, Chris, Jack, Austin & Alexandra Alberto
Woolley Boglioli Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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