Jaclyn Rose Paskin
June 15, 1988 - September 12, 2022
Woolley Boglioli Funeral Home
The SansFamily
Annie Seldner
Stéphania Beaulieu
Bob & Gale Grossman
Ana Koleski
Michael Teters
Jill Cohen-Hungerford
Greg and Sarah Sparer
Diane and bob baxter
Art Steinman
Colleen Keenan
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Woolley-Boglioli Funeral Home
10 Morrell Street
Long Branch, NJ 07740
Friday 9/16, 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Woolley-Boglioli Funeral Home
10 Morrell Street
Long Branch, NJ 07740
Friday 9/16, 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Woodbine Mausoleum
Eatontown Boulevard
Oceanport, NJ 07757
Saturday 9/17

Entombment will be private.

Jaclyn Rose Paskin, 34 of Long Branch, NJ, passed away Monday, September 12th at Monmouth Medical Center. Jackie was a loving, compassionate and thoughtful woman, who loved spending time with her family, friends and her beloved dog Gus. A lifelong resident of Monmouth County, Jackie was actively involved in the community from a young age …
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Tribute Video

The SansFamily left a message on September 19, 2022:
We are so very sorry to hear about sweet Jackie we loved her sons wish you strength during this difficult time . Tony,Marian,Chris ,Meg & Kim Sans
Annie Seldner left a message on September 16, 2022:
I am so saddened about Jaclyn’s passing. We had such fun conversations about shopping, fashion, make up. My deepest condolences to the family.
Stéphania Beaulieu left a message on September 16, 2022:
My love & prayers go out to Jackie’s family. Mrs. Paskin, you were my high school guidance counselor, & like another mother to me. Our love for music is what brought us closer together. It was because of you, that your beautiful daughter Jackie became my mentor my sophomore & Junior year of high school. Jackie was such a wonderful mentor & we had wonder times. She would give great advice & was always there whenever I needed her! Jackie was such a joy to be around & she was so much fun! She loved music & was so funny. Jackie’s smile would brighten up any room she entered! I tried to make it tonight to pay my respects, but I was too late when I arrived. Thank you Mrs. Paskin for introducing Jackie to me as my mentor. Thank you God for allowing me to get to know such a beautiful & angelic soul! My love & prayers go out to you all! God Bless! Love you Jackie! RIP Beautiful!
Lorraine Gerling left a message on September 16, 2022:
Dear Barbara, I am so sorry to hear of your beautiful daughter's passing. My sincere sympathy to you and your family. Love, Lorraine Gerling
Mark Manrique left a message on September 16, 2022:
Barb, can’t tell you how very sorry we were to learn of your daughters passing. Please accept our sincere condolences and know you and your family are in our prayers. God bless. ~ Mark & Karen
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Bob & Gale Grossman left a message on September 16, 2022:
Her beauty and personality will shine forever. Our prayers are for all her loving family.
Lindsey Lehman left a message on September 16, 2022:
*I’m so heartbroken to hear the tragic news that you passed away. You are one of my closest friends, my best friend & someone who is like a sister to me. We have soo many memories from the past, that I will cherish & remember forever. Sending your family & friends soo much love & prayers during this difficult time. I love you so much Jackie!!!! *Best Friends forever*!!!! *RIP sweet angel*
Angel Kames left a message on September 16, 2022:
Dear Barbara and family, Condolences and prayers. Very sad to learn on the passing of your beautiful daughter Jacklyn Rose. May god have her in his hands. Mr. Angel Kames
Ana Koleski left a message on September 16, 2022:
Ryan and Barbara, I'm really sorry to hear this bad news. God bless you all and I will be praying for you.
Michael Teters left a message on September 16, 2022:
Will miss your smart conversation and world view. Such a sad, early loss.
Jill Cohen-Hungerford left a message on September 16, 2022:
Jaclyn Rose you left your mark on my heart. I will never forget you. I know you will be rejoicing when your new little niece is born. Watch over her from your view from the Heavens. In her heart she will know you.
Jill Cohen-Hungerford left a message on September 16, 2022:
It was my honor to have known this incredible young woman. She taught me so much about the human spirit in the face of unimaginable challenges. I am deeply saddened personally and my heart goes out to all of her family: but especially Barbara who understands the strength it takes to hold vigil with a loved one. My deepest sympathies for your loss. May Jackie’s memory be a blessing.
Diane and Carol Bowen left a message on September 16, 2022:
Dearest Barbie and Family: This video tribute was so lovely! We are both so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter, Jackie. May God hold you all in the palm of his hand until you meet again. Love Carol and Diane
Jillian Difenderfer (Morgano) left a message on September 16, 2022:
I’ll always remember the incredible lip sync performance we choreographed and performed together of “I love bread n butta!” with our plastic bowls and wooden spoons! I have so many great memories of a Barb and Jackie sitting at my house and us just laughing. Doing taekwondo with Ryan and Jackie also are such fun memories I’ll always have of our childhood. There was also a summer where Jackie and I were babysitting two little girls at the Ocean beach club. That was the first time I ever babysat a child and Jackie had to show me how to take care of a toddler because I had no clue what to do with her and she was so naturally good with kids. Even though many many years would pass, anytime I saw Jackie she always greeted me with a sweet smile and hello. The last time I saw Jackie at Melissa’s wedding I enjoyed talking with her so much reminiscing. She was always so humble and so kind. I’m so very sorry to Barb and Ryan. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Helen O'Shea left a message on September 16, 2022:
Dearest Barbara, My heart is broken for you on the loss of your sweet Jackie - may she rest in peace and light... Keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers and sending you a massive hug... Sending healing blessings to you and your beautiful family... "Those who die go no further from us than God, and God is always near"
Greg and Sarah Sparer left a message on September 15, 2022:
Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Barbara, Ryan, Carrie and their family as they mourn the loss of their daughter and sister, Jackie. Jackie had a great sense of humor, a sweet personality, and she will be missed dearly.
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio and Natalina Gomes & Family left a message on September 15, 2022:
Unfortunately, we know all too well that there’s no right words to say; nonetheless, we hope you know how very sorry we are for your loss. We will continue to keep Jaclyn, her friends, and your family in our prayers. Our deepest sympathies and most sincere condolences, Tony & Natalina
Diane and bob baxter left a message on September 15, 2022:
In memory of Jaclyn Rose Paskin, Diane and bob baxter lit a candle
Art Steinman left a message on September 15, 2022:
Dear Barbara, Although I didn’t get to know your daughter, she looked like a wonderful young woman. My heart breaks for you. May she Rest In Peace. Love, Art
Tanya Valentino left a message on September 15, 2022:
Jackie - I will always remember your witty sense of humor as we put post-it notes on a peer’s back in grade school, and laughed when he finally noticed. You were a one of a kind person “Posh spice” type of gal. Thank you for gracing us with your presence. I hope you rest easy up there.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Colleen Keenan left a message on September 15, 2022:
Lewis, Megan and family I am deeply sorry for your loss. She is a beautiful angel above watching over all of you. May her light continue to shine in all of your lives daily.
Karen Selinger Salowe left a message on September 15, 2022:
Barbara I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with you Love Karen
Jen Gandolfo left a message on September 15, 2022:
I am a friend of Melissa and send my deepest condolences to Jaclyn's family and friends for this tragic and heartbreaking loss. Melissa has told us so much about what a beautiful soul Jaclyn was and I hope it brings her family peace to know how beloved she was. Sending prayers from our family to yours.
Mary G Lutton left a message on September 15, 2022:
It is with regret that I met Jackie just a short half dozen years ago when life started handing her so many very hard things to deal with. I came to know her as a brave soldier who faced so many oncoming difficulties, standing tall and beautiful.
Anna gago left a message on September 14, 2022:
A true Angel. May you be pain free now and reunited with our girl. Love you Jackie 🌹
Melissa Gomes Silva left a message on September 14, 2022:
I sat here for a while thinking how I could try to describe every emotion, every memory or inside joke I hold dear, but it’s too hard to go there. Instead, I’ve chosen to write this in hopes that at least one other person reads it, “gets it,” and (more importantly) comes to appreciate just how precious time is—because, it IS the ONLY thing we can spend, but can NEVER earn more of. For all that you were and for all that you could have been, you deserved better than the hand you were dealt these last few years. Your family, some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, deserved better too. Your suffering and now your passing are just an all too difficult reminder that life really isn’t fair. As I start to write these next words, I can almost hear you saying, “I expected more from you!” But, I’m going to put it out there anyway. You can call me naive, but I really believed that you would eventually get better. In my heart, I believed you’d go on to live a really full, really great life. The kind of life you lived before, like you’d just pick up where you left off or something. I thought maybe you might write a book or even a blog. I thought maybe you’d host a podcast or go on to help other young people going through similar life difficulties that you had overcome. You know, the quintessential movie ending… “and they all lived happily ever after.” Which is why, when I got the call, I was genuinely shocked. I really believed it would all just go away. I believed that this most recent and difficult time you went through would be, at best, a precursor to some bigger and better story with a much happier and maybe even inspirational ending (an ending more fitting for you). I may have been paranoid or scared at the thought of it, but I never really believed in a future where the ending would’ve seemed like it was all for nothing—that the last four (going on five) years was what it was, just time passed. Then, someone said something that made me pause. That maybe the point, and we can unpack why people need to make meaning or find sense in everything at a later time, but I digress… This person told me that maybe the point was just that simple. That the point was time, just MORE time. Now, naturally because I’m a flawed human being who at times can be spoiled and ungrateful, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with this response at first because these last few years weren’t necessarily the extra time I (or anyone close to you) envisioned. Then, when I got over myself, I realized that I would take these last few years (a million times) over no years at all. Since I am one of your closest friends, I know that you’re thinking, “REALLY?! Couldn’t I have just gone out on top?!” So I’ll talk aloud to “the void” and tell you (as I would if you were here) that in the wise words of The Rolling Stones, “you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.” And now, I’ll be sad for a while because that’s the type of exchange that I’ll miss. I’ll miss your sarcastic, cynical, and sometimes even snarky or dark sense of humor. I’ll miss your quick wit, your sense of style, and your heart—because those who know, know it was VERY special. I’ll miss the way we just “got” each other in that effortless way good friends do. Especially because, if we’re being honest, we know we’re not for everyone. To that end, I’m sure there’s someone who’s at least mildly offended by something I’ve written so far and respectfully (because they’re grieving too), I’m sorry. That said, we all grieve differently and I KNOW my friend. She wouldn’t have wanted me to be anything, but my authentic self. In that same vein, I’ll miss her for who she really was. I’ll remember her the way I knew her best, with her signature smokey eye complete only with winged liner and false lashes. I’ll remember the long nails and dark long-ish black Victoria Beckham-like bob. I’ll always appreciate the fact that she never took herself too seriously and wasn’t afraid of admitting (to those she felt safe with) that she was a bit of a hopeless romantic, a touch sentimental, and incredibly thoughtful. I’ll miss the way she gushed about her brother, getting to witness the relationship she had with her mom, and the way she adored her Pop and her fur baby, Gus. I’ll miss her taste in music, fashion, and the way she knew all things pop-culture. I’ll miss the way she understood every single movie, TV, and cultural reference I’d ever make. I’ll miss her creativity which really shined in her writing and her ability to not only curate, but appreciate a good aesthetic. She was and always will be one of the chicest women I know. She was also (in my humble opinion) a comedic genius and a lover, a dreamer and a very special daughter, sister, grand-daughter, fur mama, and friend. To know her was to love her and only those who did will understand why it’s so hard to let her go. I guess that’s why the choice is never really ours because if it was we’d selfishly hold on to those we love forever or at least in my wishes, “until I go first.” I guess that’s the ironic thing about death, so far as I’ve learned, it only really hurts for the ones who are left behind. That said, I know that Jackie wouldn’t have wanted any of us to live in sadness. And, if it’s true and the whole point of all of this was more time and time is only what you make it—for you, Jackie, I’ll use your passing instead as a reminder to LIVE and to make the most of the time I have. I hope that everyone else does as well. May we all embody the words of @ChampagnePapi himself: MORE LIFE! (see reference below) “More life. More time with family and friends. More life. I've still got vibrations to send. More life. They say that we could live forever, at night I pray it's true. I’ve done so much in my short time and still, there’s more to do. But if someone should come collecting, sooner than we’re all expecting, at least the life you lived was one for you.” — Drake I’ll be seeing you, my friend. Until then, give heaven some hell and if you see them up there, say hi to my people for me (especially Karen and Bubba Lou). I’ll pray for you and your family and if I’m lucky enough to have the chance in day, I’ll tell your niece all about you and “how cool” we were. Love you! Talk soon. ;)
Michael Ritz left a message on September 14, 2022:
In memory of Jaclyn Rose Paskin, Michael Ritz lit a candle
Colangelo-Chiera Families left a message on September 14, 2022:
So so deeply sorry for this tremendous loss. Prayers to the Paskin family.
Lexi Lehman left a message on September 13, 2022:
Jackie, you were an unparalleled and irreplaceable childhood buddy- from tennis, to the playground, and N64!! (Ryan always included us when the guys were playing). In our teens and 20s we ran around Asbury and Pier Village. Once a guy cried to me that you broke his heart! I wish I spent 30s knowing you as we navigated illness, loved our dogs like babies, and looked forward to becoming aunts. Your chronicles on instagram show courage and honesty that inspires me. I promise to find all the photos I can, and share all the stories I can remember, with your niece (and show her Chuck Palahniuk when she’s old enough). You were always cool, beautiful, and fun. You’ve left an indelible impression on so many lives. You are missed, and loved, and never forgotten, Lexi Lehman
Woolley Boglioli Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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