Joan E. Blanda
November 14, 1931 - December 9, 2020
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Elizabeth Mulvihill
Elizabeth Mulvihill
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Joan Elizabeth Blanda (nee Smythe) beloved wife of Philip J. Blanda, Jr., died on the 9th day of December, 2020 at age 89. She is survived by her husband Philip, and three children, Leslie Mulvihill (Richard), Philip J. Blanda III, (Aubrey) and Christopher William Blanda. She is also survived by her five grandchildren, Elizabeth Mulvihill, …
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Elizabeth Mulvihill left a message on June 19, 2023:
Thinking of you following Chief's passing. I hope you are together and at peace. I love you both forever.
Elizabeth Mulvihill left a message on December 13, 2020:
Noanie, how I love you so much, with every piece of my heart. You were the greatest grandmother I could ever ask for; you made me into the person I am today. Thank you for being my second mother, for taking me shopping, teaching me how to cook, and always providing me with infinite love and protection. I miss holding your hand and lying in bed with you. You used to tell me stories about Egyptian cats and we would talk about my friends and school. You always listened and you never judged. You, me, and mommy are a trio of spirit partners. Your energy is always in my heart, your presence never leaves me. I love you forever.
Laura Gillespie Jenkins left a message on December 12, 2020:
I am so sorry to hear about Joan. She was always very nice to me.
Laurie Morales left a message on December 12, 2020:
Reflecting on many special memories of a beautiful woman I called "Mrs. Blanda". So many special times as a child at 2 Blue Hills Dr. , always feeling loved and welcomed. A beautiful life well lived. Sending love and heartfelt condolences to entire Blanda Family, may your beautiful memories give you peace and comfort.❤
Macaire Henderson-Osmont left a message on December 12, 2020:
JOAN: Jewel-like, Observant, Affectionate, Non-judgmental. I have known the Blanda family for about 60 years, having met them on Copper Lane in Hazlet at about the age of 3. I am blessed with so many fond memories of time spent with this family, and at it's heart was lovely Joan. Joan was a thoughtful, tender, devoted mother - and friend. Joan was exceptionally beautiful, but never vain. Always svelte, but never working at it. Intelligent and opinionated, but never over-bearing. Elegant and regal, but never a snob. Always supportive of other women, never competing with them. Every memory I have of her is positive. She always had time for me; never criticized my many foolish decisions over the years; never judged me, but always accepted, loved and appreciated me. She bought me my first 2-piece swimsuit (to match with Leslie). She taught us about Jack-in-the-Pulpit and skunk cabbage, and encouraged catching lightning bugs. She was an amazing cook, and I still have her hand-written (she was a lefty!) recipe for caramel custard. Her invitations to eat over nourished me in so many ways. and Leslie and I are still best friends. She had beautiful teeth, and her smile was delightful. She was one of the most generous hearts I have ever been gifted with! She loved and was truly loved. Joan, and Philip, welcomed not only me but eventually my own family into their home on many occasions. My own children were also blessed by knowing Joan. Dear Joan! You demonstrated continuity and permanence , and I am happy that you were able to live out your life until the very end at 2 Blue Hills Drive, comforted by the familiar home you created. That address will never be the same without you. I will never forget you. Thank you for everything. God bless you.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Suzanne B Cordes left a message on December 11, 2020:
Dear Family: Ode to Joanie I was your protector even though we were only 15 months apart. I always wanted to watch out for you. We were close, always together, weather it was having fun or having fun being mischievous. We walked home together from school, either you waited for me or I for you, but we never left without each other. One stormy, rainy day after school had ended we decided to run home, never realizing mommy was going to pick us up. We fought the wind and rain. I clutched your hand tightly through your mitten. Somehow, when I turned around you were not there, only your mitten was in my hand. It was scary, how could I lose Joanie! I ran home faster to tell mommy that I had Joanie by the hand and then she was gone! I felt the terror of the heavy rains and angry storm. Luckily, we found you because you were smart and realized you must find shelter in a neighbors home. I was so relieved when we found you. Now, it hurts that you are not here with me and sad that you are not by my side, safe, So, I imagine you being greeted by the loving arms and hearts of Mother and Daddy. They are holding you and comforting you with their love, the love we always felt, then, now and forever. We will always be close, I feel your presence protecting me during my remaining time on this earth. Your loving sister Suzanne
Macaire Henderson-Osmont left a message on December 11, 2020:
I apologize that the William Furness poem, "She Is Not Dead But Sleepeth" did not transpose well, but I hope the sentiment was clear. I will be writing a more personal message when I can gather my thoughts. Blessings to all the Blandas!
Laurie ElizabethTjornhom left a message on December 11, 2020:
My Dear Auntie Joan, I remember all about you my sweet Auntie. For the moment I entered your your home that was imbued with your beauty and grace. The fragrance that would linger gently it’s vapors drifted from your being. Smart and what was that perfume I would smell? Q it’s elegance couldn’t match your I admire your strength
Macaire Henderson-Osmont left a message on December 11, 2020:
She Is Not Dead, But Sleepeth THAT one so rich in promise. So lovely and so pure, Should thus be taken from us, Oh, how shall we endure? She is not dead, but sleepeth: Why in your hearts this strife? He who hath kept, still keepeth The never-dying life. And though that form must moulder And mix again with earth, In faith ye may behold her In glory going forth. For what to us seems dying Is but a second birth, A spirit upward flying From the broken shell of earth. WE are the dead, the buried, We who do yet survive, In sin and sense interred - The dead? They are alive! Freed from this earthly prison, They seek another sphere: They are not dead, but risen! And God is with them there. William Henry Furness (1802-1896)
Jane Mulvihill Louder left a message on December 11, 2020:
Dear Blanda Family, I am so sorry for your loss. I only met Joan once at Rick and Leslie's wedding. I would ask Rick about Joan and Phillip often. She made a lasting impression on me as a kind and loving person. Deepest Condolences Jane Mulvihill Louder
Donna Morrison left a message on December 11, 2020:
Joan was truly a ray of sunshine wherever she went! She was the picture of elegance, beauty, and grace. I feel blessed that I came to know her through her daughter, Leslie. I will always remember Joan for her loving kindness and how much and how fiercely she loved her family. My love, prayers, and condolences to her loved ones.
Isabella left a message on December 11, 2020:
Hi Noanie, You were the best grandma and I'm so glad I had the privilege of knowing you. You were kind, sweet, and gentle, and you were a bright light in such a dim world. I wish I could've shown you my cat Panna Cotta, and please know that I'll love you forever. Bye Noanie. <3
Leslie left a message on December 10, 2020:
Mom, you are the most beautiful and best mother a girl could have. Your kindness, gentleness, compassion and beautiful heart live on forever with me and Elizabeth. We are a trio of spirit partners and you are always and forever with us. We love you xoxo
Woolley Boglioli Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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