Marie Michaels
March 17, 1967 - October 8, 2022
Woolley Boglioli Funeral Home
Gina Picariello
Andrew Michaels
Michael Melchiorre
Christina Melchiorre
Cheryl Sherman
Lauren Picariello
Pete Monaco
The Thamrong Family
Gina Picariello
Mark Rubino
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Today we mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Marie Melchiorre-Michaels of Brick, New Jersey (3/17/67-10/8/22). Marie was born in Queens, New York to the late Anna and Domizio Melchiorre. She was raised in Uniondale, Long Island before moving to New Jersey in 1994. She began her career at Citigroup and continued at Merrill …
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Gina Picariello left a message on October 27, 2022:
In memory of Marie Michaels, Gina Picariello lit a candle
Andrew Michaels left a message on October 26, 2022:
Dear Marie - Our story lasted over 30 years in total - great friends - marriage - great friends again. Thank you for the best gift of my life, our sons. Derek and Andrew's best interest and well- being as well as our unconditional love for them we always had in common. They have grown up to be great men and I know we will always be very proud of them. They handled your care with amazing love, intelligence and determination just like you did for Joseph, Mom and Dad. Joseph's passing left a big hole in all our hearts but you took his tragedy and followed your ultimate calling - nursing. Every family and person you helped or healed in your career have made Joseph's time with us so meaningful to so many and his legacy and memory lived on through your work and good deeds. The love and care you gave to Mom and Dad will always be thought of with the utmost admiration and appreciation by the entire family. You will be missed by so many for so many different reasons. Take care of Joseph now tell him his Daddy loves and misses him. I will forever and always look after Derek and Andrew. Love, Andrew
Gina Picariello left a message on October 23, 2022:
Marie, last night I had the most beautiful dream- I saw Grandma Salerno. You knew we never dreamt of her. We wanted to but never did. Well last night I did. I saw her and said "Grandma Salerno" She was beautiful and smiled. I hugged her so tight- so, so tight. I cried. She held me and told me your HOME, now.. She also did a little dance, I never knew she loved to dance. I woke up this morning and realized that I/we saw and are with her. WOW! I will cherish that encounter with Grandma Salerno. She passed in 1978, and NEVER saw her in our dreams. My right hand feels fractured due to the tight hold I had on her and you. I know you know what happened last night but I needed to share this. Marie i love you so much... I miss you and cannot believe this is happening. Last night a song came on by Luther Vandrose "Always and Forever " I had a breakdown. You and I always and forever..... Love you my PITA.
Janet Banks left a message on October 21, 2022:
They say friends will come and go in your life but Marie was more than that to me. She was family. I have 45 years of friendship with her and it all started when I met her in 3rd grade. I went up to her and said " Hi my name is Janet, wanna be my friend?" AND then there was 2 of them!? Marie, Gina an I were ALWAYS together growing up. All our hopes and dreams were shared. We did everything together. Even getting in trouble. As the years passed with miles between us, new jobs, boyfriends, marriage and children we always managed to keep in touch and pick up where we left off. I love Marie very much and my heart brakes to write this, but she remains in my heart and thoughts forever. I was lucky to have a friendship & sister with her (and Gina) UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN MARIE... WE WILL PICK UP WHERE WE LEFT OFF.... XOXO
Michael Melchiorre left a message on October 21, 2022:
I love and miss you dearly. You will always be in my heart forever.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Christina Melchiorre left a message on October 21, 2022:
In memory of Marie Michaels, Christina Melchiorre lit a candle
Gina Picariello left a message on October 21, 2022:
This isn't real! Marie I miss you so much. My life will never be the same. Today is gonna be tough. I am your right hand- your my left hand .... Remember Aruba, we went tubing and I was screaming- you had no fear...Marie my Twin, BFF my PITA I love you!
Toni Sargent left a message on October 20, 2022:
Marie will be me and Michael your sister and brother Rest In Peace With god Angeles and Dad Your mom And everyone else that's in our family love you
Cheryl Sherman left a message on October 20, 2022:
In memory of Marie Michaels, Cheryl Sherman lit a candle
Rich Michals left a message on October 20, 2022:
Marie. I will miss our political conversations and regret we never got to Trump International in DC with my family. My kids would have clung to you the whole time. I love you. Cousin Richie
Lauren Picariello left a message on October 19, 2022:
In memory of Marie Michaels, Lauren Picariello lit a candle
Pete Monaco left a message on October 19, 2022:
Deepest condolences to your family may she Rest In Peace.
The Thamrong Family left a message on October 19, 2022:
Sending love and prayers for you all during this difficult time. With Love, Ben, Tracy, Molly, Grace and Fiona
Gina Picariello left a message on October 19, 2022:
I love you,Marie... Your always with me.... I miss you so much my BFF- Thelma and Louise Xoxo Your twin Gina
Gina left a message on October 18, 2022:
My beautiful Twin, my BFF, and PITA.... I call your cell phone every night, and no answer...1,000 kisses from you is NEVER enough! Marie hold me..... No me without you chickie...
Mark Rubino left a message on October 18, 2022:
Marie, I will miss you terribly. We’ve shared a lot of memories and had so many more to make. We talked, we laughed, sometimes we cried but throughout it all we became good friends. I know you are in heaven with Joseph and that gives me some peace. I love you girl!
Woolley Boglioli Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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