Michael P. Marciano
Date of Death: July 16, 2020
Woolley Boglioli Funeral Home
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Mike Marciano, 62, passed away on Wednesday, July 16, after a courageous four-year battle with metastatic cancer. Mike grew up in a working-class family in Brooklyn, New York, the eldest son of five brothers and sisters born to Anthony L. and Grace Marciano (nee Dauphin). Mike attended Saint Brendan’s Grammar School and Xaverian High School. …
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Roni Buck left a message on August 21, 2020:
I was so saddened to hear of Mike's passing. He was a friend and mentor for over 30 years. Rest in peace Michael, your suffering has ended. Fair winds and following seas. We have the watch. Until we meet again...
Buddy Benton left a message on July 26, 2020:
I consider myself a very lucky man to have known Mike for 22 years. He was such a huge part of my life and my family’s life. On a business and personal level Mike was always there for us. Mike hired me 22 years ago and it seems that every day he would help in some way to help me grow my business and personal life. He always gave me advice and I truly feel that I would never have the life I have today if wasn’t for Mike and I would always remind him of that, especially in the last year. If he was busy in the middle of ten different things he would drop what he was doing to help me. He always had the right answers and a unique way of explaining things. A lot of cursing but he always got his point across, LOL. I will always remember everything he did for me and my family for my entire life. I just wish I had one more chance to see him and talk to him. We are so sad to have lost such a wonderful friend but Mike will always be a part on my life.
Richard Brandys left a message on July 24, 2020:
I knew Mike during my Prudential days and ultimately he took over my Agency when I left Prudential. He was always a gentlemen, willing to help and had a great outlook on life. My sincere condolences
Frank Gagliano left a message on July 23, 2020:
Pru conference with Mike. We were known as the "iano" brothers! Miss you Mike
Robert Anthony Burns left a message on July 23, 2020:
I had the privilege of being Mike's classmate USNA 79. He had such a positive impact on everyone he met. His outgoing 'larger than life' personality truly made a difference in all his endeavors. His accomplishments are remarkable a testament to his family legacy as a truly 'great American.' I always looked forward to seeing him at USNA Alumni reunions ... sharing our stories ... growing up in NY and our mutual experiences in the Navy. My condolences to a wonderful family. Bobby Burns USNA 79'
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Kevin and Colleen Ziemba left a message on July 23, 2020:
Our deepest sympathies. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
Bryan Blutstein left a message on July 22, 2020:
My deepest condolences to your family! I'm so sorry for your loss, Mike was a Great Man. I remember my father talking about Mike when I was a kid. I'd never heard my dad speak about anyone with so much respect and admiration. After joining Prudential, I soon realized and understood why my dad respected Mike so much. He was genuine, honest, and incredibly smart. He was loyal to his people, he guided us and protected us. I'll always hold Mike as the perfect example of what a leader should be. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.
John Madden left a message on July 20, 2020:
Mike was a dedicated and wonderful shipmate; friend and family man. Although we were classmates at the Naval Academy, the first time I met Mike was on our initial sea tour onboard USS Butte where we served together and were roommates for nearly three years. Mike was by far the hardest working and most devoted junior officer on the ship. His positive attitude and leadership abilities were displayed daily, he was a thorough professional who always took care of his sailors. As fate would have it we served together again while on recruiting duty until Mike transitioned to his civilian job at Prudential. My family and I remained friends of Mike and Anne Marie ever since. I was privileged to watch them raise a beautiful and loving family during our annual summer visits to NJ. Mike was a proud father who did everything in his power to provide for his wife and family. Like his sailors Mike was always there for me, providing me with sound financial advice and unwavering support and friendship over the past forty years. He will never be forgotten by anyone who ever knew him. I will miss him greatly.
Lou & Maria Costa left a message on July 20, 2020:
Wonderful memories of times spent together on Marco Island. We will miss you Michael.
Laura Peticca and Paul Schmidt left a message on July 20, 2020:
We are so sorry for your loss. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
David Sonnenfeld left a message on July 20, 2020:
I was sad to hear of Mike's passing. I remember him from our 9th company days at Navy as a charismatic and cheerful guy who lifted me up when I was down. He and his family will be in my prayers. God speed Mike.
Charlie Mark left a message on July 20, 2020:
Anne Marie and Family, What a fantastic guy. We met you guys at a few USNA reunions – you would not remember me --- but, as a former hardcore ‘bum’ from Long Island --- I connected well with Mike,,, and the “Jersey guys” during our Plebe summer. He was in 9th Co. – I was in 10th --- we worked a lot together to make it through that 6-month ordeal. Mike had a great smile, and a wonderful positive out look --- he helped me. He was one of those reliable pillars that I could always trust. Unselfish – big hearted – just a class act dude. It was an honor to be friends with him. Best always, Charlie Mark CAPT USN (Ret) USNA ’79 – 10th Co.
Donna Wood left a message on July 20, 2020:
My deepest sympathy Michaels family and friends.
Kimberly C Evans left a message on July 20, 2020:
Rendering heart felt condolences to the family and friends of Michael Marciano. Through the stories shared by Bernie I could tell he was a great man, loved and respected by many. May the prayers of many comfort your hearts.
Myriam Pulaski left a message on July 19, 2020:
My heart felt condolences to Michael’s family and close friends, especially his sister Bernadette. At SDI we knew Michael through Bernie’s eyes, her stories, her love and respect for her brother and family. During these difficult times of sorrow may you all find comfort in the many beautiful memories he left behind during.
Marcos Zalta Esq. left a message on July 19, 2020:
My most sincere condolences to the entire family. Bernie, his sister, is a very dear friend and colleague who adored her brother so much that we all came to feel we knew him even though we never actually met. The greatness of this man was evident in the dignity and courage he showed in his battle with his final illness. May God bless his wife, children and the entire family he adored and cared for so much. His life is a model for all to emulate.
Joanne Perlman left a message on July 19, 2020:
So sorry for your loss.
Gary Cerezo left a message on July 19, 2020:
Our deepest condolences to the Marciano Family. My wife, Grace and I were happy to see Mike at the 40th USNA reunion and to also meet you, Ann Marie. We wish you solitude and peace during this difficult time.
Tom McLernon left a message on July 19, 2020:
My sincere and deepest condolences to the Marciano family. Mike is my classmate and my brother. He has left us too early.
John Jolliffe left a message on July 19, 2020:
Mike and I first met in July 1975 as members of Echo Company, USNA Class of 1979. Mike was a great man who loved his family. RIP Classmate.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Chris Cable left a message on July 19, 2020:
Farewell Classmate!
Mike Torrese left a message on July 19, 2020:
Mike and I first met in 1987 while I was a junior at Rutgers. He eventually hired me in 1988 and since that time he has been a big brother, mentor and like family to myself, my wife Lori and our three kids. We are saddened by his loss and have had 33 years of memories with him and Ann and the kids! I will forever cherish the Saturday morning coffee runs and all the work him and I did together because “ it’s crazy to spend the money when we can shovel 30 yards of mulch ourselves!!” Mike was the ultimate go to guy who gave me advice on everything including finances, my career, our home and how to be successful in life. The thing I admired the most was his overwhelming love for his wife. Many times when we were together he would always check in with a quick “getting coffee with Mike honey.... you want anything from Dunkin? When I spoke to him 2 weeks ago for the last rime I reminded him how he provided for his entire family and he will be remembered through all of their success. A true Man in every sense of the word and we will miss him dearly. Love you Mike and until we meet again keep an eye on us from the better place you are in!!
Charlie Gittins left a message on July 19, 2020:
RIP, Classmate. Render Hand, Salute! Ready Two. I am very sorry for your family, but it sounds like you put on a good fight for 4 years!
Kathy Tornberg left a message on July 19, 2020:
Mike was a wonderful person. He was so kind and helpful to me during a difficult time in my life. My deepest condolences to the Marciano family.
Doug Garback Sr left a message on July 19, 2020:
My relationship with Mike began over 20 years ago when he became my Manager and I was one of his Reps. In the past 10 years our connection grew to be so much more. Mike brought out the best of me and he knew what I needed to advance my career and my personal development. He challenged me by providing me with opportunities that required more education and some greater commitment. It was never a one time gift. The end result was that it would always make me better... My family and I will always be indebted to Mike. He was so generous and humble but he would never see it that way. He would say “Stop, I didn’t do anything” or “ No thanks needed- just do a great job”. Our calls or texts during the last 10 years became more frequent however now they were more personal. We visited each other and he continued to nurture my spirit. When Mike talked, you listened because you were about learn. When Mike was about to retire I once asked him what are you going to with your time. He replied “I am gonna sit in that chair and watch the birds”. It may have been more colorful than that but the sentiment is true. My friendship with Mike is something that will live forever. I will think of you often my friend when I see the birds. Eternally Grateful, Doug
Frank and Annmarie Gagliano left a message on July 18, 2020:
Our deepest sympathy Anne Marie and children, we are so sad for your loss. Mike and I worked together for over 30 years, he was a mentor and a great friend. We all shared so many good times together, whether it was at Pru conferences or BBQ’s in your backyard. I will miss the conversations we would have reminiscing about the old days in The Metchuen Office, or the next home renovation he was planning. Mike helped so many people and was truly loved by all. I will miss you buddy, Rest In Peace.
Tom & Linda Concannon left a message on July 18, 2020:
Our deepest sympathy to Anne Marie and all in the extended Marciano family. The world is an emptier place without Rock in it. Tom & Linda Concannon
Robert J Brown left a message on July 18, 2020:
Mike was a very special person in my life. From the time we first met, he unselfishly helped my family and I, every step of the way. From pushing me to heights that seemed unattainable when I first started with Prudential, to helping cut down trees in my backyard ( he ended up with stitches then) and so much in between. Mike was not only my advocate and mentor in business but It went beyond that. I valued the time we would talk about our families, and what is important, and of course, our stocks, and the stock markets. Mike had a way of zeroing in on what would incentivize his agents. In my case it was dinner at The Manor in West Orange when I hit a certain sales goal. Although, he may have been more excited about that than me since he polished off about 14 lobsters. Most importantly, Mike had a way of making me see what was really important in life, and always encouraged me to be with my children at their functions when they had them. He’d tell me “There was always other time for work, but those we would not get back.” I owe so much to Mike - if it were not for him my family and I would not have most of the things we have today. I miss him very much, and cannot even imagine the pain that you, his family are going through right now. I hope that you can take solace in the fact that Mike helped many of us in these same ways and that he did this because of the compassion in his heart. He was the kind of man who helped his fellow man, not expecting anything in return. Our lives have truly been enriched just by knowing him, and I thank you for sharing him with us. With my deepest condolences, Robert Brown
George Fountaine left a message on July 18, 2020:
I remember sitting on the front porch with Mike and the family on E 12 St.
Gary Stahl left a message on July 18, 2020:
When Mike was commissioned as an officer in the United State Navy, the commission began with the phrase: "Know ye that, reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity and abilities of Michael P. Marciano . . ." the Secretary of the Navy appointed him an Ensign in the United States Navy. These same words would have been used on each of his promotions. They are not empty words. Mike lived up to them, and more, long after he left the Navy. We, his classmates, are heartbroken at his death, reflect fondly and even lovingly on our memories of him and are grateful that his long struggle is over. May he rest in peace. Gary Stahl
Bill Zucker left a message on July 18, 2020:
Our paths never crossed again after high school but I vividly remember Mike as an outstanding person of honor. It did not surprise me that he was awarded entry into the US Naval Academy as it was a perfect fit for the way he carried himself physically and the way he interacted with all the others in our Clipper brotherhood. I'd like to extend my deepest sympathies to all the members of the Marciano family. May Mike's soul rest in peace.
Missy Sabino left a message on July 18, 2020:
Most of my memories are based around other people. So when I was fortunate to have met Michael on my own I couldn't have been more pleased to say that he was the genuinely nice guy that everyone had always exclaimed him to be. My heart is truly saddened for his family, for the loss of a loved one is never easy. May they find comfort in the knowledge that Michael will suffer no more, and that he will now be watching over them till they too return home to be with our heavenly father. R.I.P. Michael Sending my condolences & prayers to all.
Brian Keating left a message on July 18, 2020:
Our thoughts and prayers go to the entire Marciano family. Mike was a great guy and will be sorely missed by all.
Kevin Becker left a message on July 18, 2020:
It was great, that Plebe Summer long ago, to have another NY/NJ-ite by my side to help us get through it all. May His memory [of Mike] be eternal! Dr. K
Eileen Jones left a message on July 18, 2020:
You will be missed by many. Rest In Peace and keep watch from above. Sympathy to the family.
Roger VanDerWerken left a message on July 18, 2020:
Our condolences to you, Anne Marie. We are making a contribution to Saint Jude's Children's Hospital in memory of Mike. May God strengthen you and give you peace during this time of great sorrow Roger and Jacque VanDerWerken
David and Alexandra Lopez left a message on July 17, 2020:
Our deepest condolences. May he Rest in Peace and watch over you all from heaven.
Rick Andrews left a message on July 17, 2020:
Mike was one of my best friends in high school. I’m really saddened to hear about his death - he went way too soon. We had so many great times together at Xaverian and Breezy Point. He’ll be truly missed. My condolences to his family.
Tony Battiato left a message on July 17, 2020:
Mike was a great friend, a truly great guy. A high school bud. Was in their bridal party. He absolutely adored Ann!! Always a good time and many laughs. Having a drink and remembering some great old days, as he would want it. Ann, sincere condolences and love to the entire Marciano family. Best and sympathy, Tony Battiato
Maria Tafoni-Jones left a message on July 17, 2020:
I am so sorry for your loss Bernie. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Peace of mind is a call away. We’re here when you need us most.
Loretta LaPointe left a message on July 17, 2020:
I'm so sorry about your brother Bernie. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Suzy Domenick left a message on July 17, 2020:
My deepest condolences to all. Mike had a big heart and family was so very important to him. I am so sorry for your loss. In sympathy, Suzy Domenick
Woolley Boglioli Funeral Home left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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