James D. Gerahty III

Funeral Director

Born in Brooklyn, NY, James (“Jim”) Gerahty III always wanted to become a funeral director after participating in funeral masses as a child. “I loved the ritual and ceremony of a traditional Catholic service. It wasn’t just the beauty of the service, it was its transformative power,” he says.

Jim’s long-standing dream led him to study mortuary science at the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service in Manhattan. He served as an attendant and receptionist at three funeral firms in New York before completing his required residency and earning his funeral director’s license in New York and later New Jersey.

Before coming to Holmdel Funeral Home in 2005, Jim owned and managed funeral homes in New York. In his free time, Jim’s hobbies include cultivating and landscaping with flowers, listening to his favorite songwriter and performer John Lennon, and collecting scale model airliners, trains and model railroads. He says, “I had an attic filled with hundreds of die-cast models of all types, but a house fire destroyed them all. Now I’m having a second round of fun, replacing the models lost. When people ask me why I do this, I say someday I’ll have grandchildren. But that’s just an excuse – I really do it for myself!”

Jim is an active member of the Parish of Saint Thomas More in Manalapan. Jim invites and welcomes conversation, and encourages those in our community to pick up the phone, or better yet, drop by to say hello.