• Grief is Individual
    Posted: 03/30/2023

    Let’s talk about the stages of grief. There is denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I studied them in nursing school, reviewed them when I got divorced and generally found them to be a pretty accurate and helpful bit of knowledge. And then, a family member died. Stages?   

  • How Should I Prepare for my Funeral Preplanning Meeting?
    Posted: 03/16/2023

    First, relax. Talking about your funeral plans might make you a little uncomfortable at first but making a plan doesn’t mean you will be using it anytime soon. Your funeral director or advance planner will guide you through the process. Most people get very comfortable in just a few minutes.   

  • Writing the Thank You Notes
    Posted: 03/02/2023

    Writing thank you notes is usually one of the very first “after the funeral” tasks you will undertake. You may be surprised to find that your brain/hand coordination is not working so well. You sit there with pen in hand and well-formed thoughts in your head, but somehow it all gets lost between the head and the paper. Don’t despair. This is normal and it’s all part of the grief journey. You are not thinking straight now, but you will again soon. 

  • Mother Died…How Long Do We Keep Her Things?
    Posted: 02/16/2023

    Separating from a loved one’s belongings is one of the more difficult jobs you will have to do after a death. It is amazing how much is collected over a lifetime. You probably won’t get it done in a day and you will probably shed a few tears.   

  • Food and Funerals
    Posted: 02/02/2023

    Why is food such a fundamental part of any funeral?

    Food provides comfort and strength. A gift of food shows that we care. It’s natural to connect food with the healing process of a funeral.

  • How to Dress for a Funeral
    Posted: 01/19/2023

    First, understand that what you wear to the funeral is much less important than actually going to the funeral or gathering.  Don’t underestimate the value of your presence. 

  • How to Say the Right Thing at a Funeral
    Posted: 01/07/2023

    First, take a deep breath and relax. We all worry that we’ll say the wrong thing.

    Second, know that you don’t have to be eloquent. While we wish it were so, you can’t make everything all better with a few words.

    Here are a few simple ideas to keep in mind to be sure you say the right thing when attending a funeral.

  • What to Expect at a Funeral
    Posted: 12/23/2022

    We’ve all been there. Going to a funeral can be a little daunting, especially if it’s your first or if it’s been awhile since you attended one. Let’s talk a little bit about some of the terms you will hear and what you can expect in general.

  • What Do Funeral Directors Do?
    Posted: 12/09/2022

    It’s late, why is the light on at the funeral home? Today, there was a funeral. People cried. Tissues were crumpled and left on the tables.  Flower petals fell to the floor. Now, the cleaning staff is making things tidy for the family who will be here tomorrow. It’s late, why is the light on …
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